Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Basics of Using Coupons Series: Ways to Collect Coupons

There are many ways to collect coupons!

~Sunday Newspaper- Buy a couple to start with. (When you get better at couponing, you can increase the number of papers you buy if you need more than a couple of the same coupons.)

~Print at Home coupons- These are coupons you can print at home from coupon websites or directly from the manufacturer's website. (Smartsource, and Redplum are the most popular sites to get coupons. *TIP*: Try entering different zip codes to get a different variety of coupons! 77477 and 90210 seem to be good zip codes to use.)

~Sign Up to receive Special Offers- There are many websites you can sign up with to receive special offers via mail or email. Right At Home, P & G and Betty Crocker are just a few you can begin with. (Also see if your grocery store has a website that you can join their newsletter. Mine sends the "Advantage Mail" members special savings that only the members enjoy! Plus, you'll have your store's sales ads emailed to you weekly!)

~Ask friends and family for unwanted coupons and ask them to save any coupons they come across for you. I have a couple of people saving coupons for me!

~Join a coupon train! A coupon train is where someone creates a list of people who want to participate and mails out an envelope of coupons to the first person on the list. The person who receives the coupons first takes out what he or she needs and adds coupons they don't want, then they mail the coupons to the next person on the list who does the same thing. You take some, add some back and mail them to the next person in line. (For more info or to be in our next coupon train, please read this NOTE on our FB page.)

~Contact manufacturers- I recently contacted two manufacturers who didn't offer coupons on their website. I told them that we really like their products and that I wondered where I could get coupons. They both mailed me several nice coupons for their products! (Most everything that you buy has a website on the label! Check the website for coupons, or call the phone number and ask for coupons!)

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