Monday, June 20, 2011

Support Our Troops by Sending in Your Coupons!

I had the pleasure to speak with Care Packages for Soldiers and Their Families briefly on Facebook a little while ago! They are looking for coupons and expired coupons to help military families who are overseas and the members of our Armed Forces who are currently deployed in the Middle East!

Personally, I think this is an awesome cause, as so many of our men and women are out there fighting for our freedoms that we take for granted ! Care Packages for Soldiers and Their Families, get together the everyday things that our servicemen and service women may not have access to because of being at war. They also send coupons that are expired out to families who are stationed overseas. They can use expired coupons for up to 6 months after! So don't toss out those old coupons or ones you don't want.Let Care Packages for Soldiers and Their Families use these to support a great cause! To learn more or to donate, visit their Facebook page and let them know The Sassy Savers sent you!


  1. thank you so much! it means a lot! <3 Care Packages For Soldiers & Their Families!

  2. You are more than welcome! I am more than happy to support a worthy cause!



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